Repurposed Magazine Sketchbook Journal

This sketchbook journal started as a way for me to pull myself out of a creative slump. I remembered what gave me joy as a child. It was sitting in my bedroom drawing and painting...for hours. Not for a deadline. Not for a specific project. Just for fun. To play. To explore. No judgment. No rules. No expensive materials. I realize that creating in a repurposed magazine gives me a chance to play and explore without the guilt of using up "good" paper and materials. Each design doesn't have to be perfect because that's not the point. Imperfections. Not social media perfect. I'm working on multiple pages at once. I'm jotting down ideas that I will build upon in no specific order or time frame. My hope is that by freeing myself by playing, it will recharge my art brain. Pushing my art. Adding layers to my art. Adding dimension to my art. I will post updates to my art journal as the designs progress.

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